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The Exhibition and the Conversations

(Photo: Tony Millings)

This project was always going to be based on conversations about home, primarily within and in relation to Luton but as the pandemic dictated we moved online. We held some interesting conversations there in the past few months. You can view some of the 'prompts' and 'provocations' that we posted on social media here.

And now that the exhibition has launched its clear that many of the works are inspired in a multitude of ways by some of these conversations. You can visit the exhibition online here.

Just after the exhibition opened Metthew Shaul, Idit Nathan and curator Natalie Pace were hosted at Revoluton Arts’ Creative Café for an 'in conversation' event (Wednesday 15 July). It was interesting to meet some Lutonians, even if only virtually and discuss the project's trajectory so far. You can see/hear the conversation here.

The project will pause for the Summer and in the Autumn, the work on the publication will begin so watch this space for updates and thanks for joining in so far.

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