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Pop Ups Start

First two pop ups were held on a stormy wet day in Luton with Corona virus looming. First I met many wonderful Art & Design students as well as some lovely staff members at Bedfordshire University. The atmosphere was most welcoming and they (almost) all contributed happily their thoughts, sketches and memories of home. Later that day I made my way across the road to The Mall (which as one participant informed me used to be called the Arundel) where I joined the artist's Nicole Mollett at her Graphic Novel for Luton - an ideal setting full of stories and drawings all inspired and produced in Luton. Many of the images and words collected throughout the day- and there were many of them - will stay with me. Like the home that is nestled in the palm of the hand or the one that floats on a boat. The words shared were also inspiring and thought provoking. In one case the memories conjured were deemed too personal and even painful so their author took them home.

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