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Packing Up Homes

In the days following the first pop ups, while the Corona Virus Pandemic picks up momentum I spend some time packing up an old piece of work Diodrama (2017), which is due to be delivered to Rugby Art Gallery and Museum's False Memory exhibition, which is planned to include works that correspond with Lindsay Seers' Extramission 2 .

Diodrama (2017) is a mixed media sculptural installation comprising of assorted model furniture accompanied by a video. It is inspired by three photos of interiors of family homes (Frankfurt/Oder 1933, Jerusalem 1935, London 1937) that I found in the family archive and recreated in model form. Alongside the models a grainy film made using the original old photos is also displayed. Diodrama is part of a larger body of work, which like Draw Me a Home focuses on home, homeland and migration.

Its always interesting to look back at work that was made previously, especially when it has relevance to current work and even more so when the subject matter is so wrapped up with what we are all experiencing at the moment- namely a retreat into our homes. As I pack up the work and get it ready for installation far away, The False Memory exhibition, like many other events all around us, is postponed at the last minute due to the outbreak. As we find ourselves self isolating and social distancing, rapidly retreating into our own homes, I cannot help but wonder what will become of our lives as we knew them, and how will Draw Me a Home reflect on this extraordinary and very scary 'new normal' we find ourselves in.

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