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Interlude- Home (not quite) Alone

Although I promised myself at the end of the last Press Pause post - to write about 'still life' - I will delay that one for the sake of that pause. Instead of pressing on with reflections on close observations of the objects around us I propose an interlude - Home (not quite) Alone is a playful intervention I and my collaborator Helen Stratford have designed for these days of lockdown.

In his film Lazy Nigel , which I linked in the previous post, Simon Gush visits fair grounds and circuses as antidotes to being work like productiveness. In fact - Play in itself is productive - it is sometimes a welcome distraction, which can also be disruptive but in a productive way - its a chance to do something which is 'Not work. Not Laziness. Something Else', an opportunity to pause, reflect and imagine things otherwise. So why not download Home (not quite) Alone here? All you need is a printer and a pair of scissors. Cut, assemble and play!

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