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Flying home

I think alot about homes these days, in fact I always have. Homes are in my thoughts for many reasons. Partly its because immigration is part of my family's DNA but also because as a child we travelled alot and moved houses. One of my memories of a home we lived in the North Carolina involves a visit to a children's the Wizard of Oz theme park somewhere in the area. That house that flies featured in my dreams for years after I watched the film. And the way it lands on the wicked witch- is a strong memory from the time we visited that park. Nowadays that flying house has other connotations of hurricanes and other man made disasters and I find myself collecting images of destructed homes for some of the work I make. Maybe I'm thinking of the flying home image even more so now that we're facing the Corona outbreak- because my flight over to Tel Aviv, which used to be my home, has been cancelled due to it. In fact, homes in these extreme times of self isolation might well acquire a whole new dimension as we retreat and separate ourselves from others.

[The image on top is from Flickr site and the GIF from GIPHY]

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