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First Steps

Another visit to Luton to explore sites for pop ups and do some local research on a grey and wet day in February. Taking refuge from the rain, I start at Luton's Central Library, where I spot some interesting books about Luton's history as well as displays of historic paraphernalia - brochures of concerts by Luton Girls Choir as well as the Vauxhall Mens Choir. Walking through the town and entering estate agents to try and convince them to let me hold a 'pop up' leads nowhere - none of them are willing to entertain the idea. As the rain subsides I find myself in Stockwood Discovery Centre with its fascinating history and rich displays. By the time the sun is fully out I've reached Wardown House which is full of period treasures alongside innovative contemporary displays. All three sites would be ideal for the 'pop ups' I am planning so I drive away from Luton resolved to make these happen.

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