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Window and online exhibition now live @ Departure Lounge 

13 July - 16 August 2020


Inspired by conversations and encounters across Luton and on social media, Idit is exhibiting new works which respond specifically to the sudden changes imposed by the Coronavirus outbreak. These works will be displayed at the gallery window and online here


To mark the culmination of this project, Idit will be in-conversation via Zoom with curator Natalie Pace at Revoluton Arts’ Creative Café on Wednesday 15 July from 6.30-7.30pm. You can book your place via Eventbrite- see you there!

As a site responsive research project the original plan for Draw Me a Home was to set up a series of 'pop up' events planned to take place in and around Luton. The unprecedented and sudden changes imposed by the Corona virus outbreak have fundamentally changed our understanding of ‘home’ as we sit out a unique set of officially mandated social distancing measures. Originally planned as series of public consultation ‘pop-ups’ in various sites across Luton, Idit in collaboration with Departure Lounge has moved the remaining pop ups online. We regularly update the project’s Facebook page, Instagram Channel and Twitter with questions and prompts you can now view them all here


What role will the ‘home’ play during this unprecedented period of self-isolation and extended separation? You can join in the conversation @drawmeahome and an edited selection of these impressions will be hosted on the Journal page and the exhibition


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